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Korra Obidi Breaks Down in Tears

by Austin Areh
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But what is worth understanding is that, for every institution that is ignored, there is a negative rebound to the society, so each of us, need to start searching within if we need our country to rise up against any form of challenge or the other. When we even look at our schools these days, we discover that intellectual graduates never want to get involved because of the internal politics that go on in almost every area, if you do not come from a particular ethnic base, there is a possibility of never getting promoted, and this is against the real factors that should revolve around merit and levels of education, because we need to change ourselves, if we desire to change the world or even start with our nation, because they say, charity begins at home.

Korra Obidi, who has been in the news since her Estranged husband , Justin Dean has broken down in tears on a tick tok video she posted . She apologized to her fans who had felt she had a beautiful and perfect life, as people are now exposed to the reality of the communication bridge that has escalated between herself and Justin Dean.

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