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Keke Rider Obeying Charles Soludo gets Beaten to Coma

by Austin Areh
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The truth is that, many times, why conflict fizzles into certain situations is when there is no proper use of PR and diplomacy. For emotions, we need to learn that everybody has a string of feelings, that direct a certain level of things the brain can a accept and react to, then that shows maturity on our end, because you begin to understand that everybody has something in their brain, which directs whats in their minds dwell on, and how they understand what you’re trying to say.

How the message is accepted clearly depends on certain variables that make it a totally dynamic process because each individual understands things in their own way, which is highly affected by their family back ground, economical standing, intellectual identities and religious association in some cases.

The new Governor of Anambra State, had during his inauguration, directed that all commercial providers like the keke napeps and vehicles were to stop paying dues to touts , as the government was planning to set up a structure that will allow them understand the financial aspects coming in as revenue . A commercial tricycle rider, was beaten to Coma on March 20th, 2022. This was because while they attempted to take the sum of 200 Naira from him, he objected that the new Governor had advised them to wait for new information on how they’ll pay their daily dues, the attackers however claimed that Charles Soludo didn’t know the system that was in place , and attacked the Tricycle rider , which left him in Coma.

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