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Joeboy Releases New Single ‘Only God Can Save Me’ And Announces Upcoming EP

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Joeboy is set to release a new EP titled ‘Body, Soul, and Spirit’.

Only five months after ‘Body & Soul’, Nigerian pop star Joeboy, with over three billion streams, is ready for more.

He unveils an evocative new single titled ‘Only God Can Save Me’ be released on November 3, 2023.

Award-winning artist releasing new single and second EP of 2023, ‘Body, Soul & Spirit’, on November 17 via emPawa Africa.

‘Body, Soul & Spirit’ EP follows seamlessly from Joeboy’s ‘Body & Soul’ album, offering a contrasting experience to his recent release.

After ‘Halle’ on ‘Body & Soul’, Joeboy continues his introspective journey with the lead single ‘Only God Can Save Me’ from the new EP.

Produced by Debo.x, this heartfelt track is an embodiment of the age-old saying, ‘Let go and let God’. With moody synths, dark piano, and intense drums, Joeboy explores the notion of human fallibility and the potential for disappointment.

Alone and seeking solace, Joeboy turned to a higher power, underscoring that ‘Only God Can Save Me’. From raw vulnerability, ‘Only God Can Save Me’ vividly portrays Joeboy’s realization about the fleeting nature of human connections and the crucial role of divine intervention..

In a trying time, Joeboy portrays the sense of despair and the potential solace in the Divine.

The song ‘Only God Can Save Me’ sets the tone for the ‘Body, Soul, & Spirit’ EP perfectly.

Joeboy’s solitary process of creating this song, with just him, a mic, and a pen, adds an authentic and deeply resonating touch.

In this single, Joeboy shares a glimpse into his emotionally charged journey, serving as a cornerstone for the EP’s narrative.

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