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Issele-Uku Festival: The Celebration Of The Traditional New Year

by Austin Areh
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The Issele-Uku Nne festival, which takes place every year, is a celebration of the Issele-Uku people’s traditions as passed down by their ancestors. Every year, natives of the town travel from different parts of the country to attend the celebration, and the latest celebration was just beautiful as the one before.

His royal majesty Agbogidi Nduka, the ruler (Obi) of Issele-Uku, first appeared amid praises to acknowledge homage by the chief.

“I pray this traditional new year that God almighty and our ancestors bless the people of Issele-Uku and give them a bountiful harvest, and overall there’ll be peace in Issele-Uku kingdom, there will be peace in Delta State, and there will be peace in the country, Nigeria,” he said.

Various groups danced around the neighborhood to mark the start of the new cultural year.

Tourists also come to enjoy themselves and learn about the local culture.

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One of the indigenes of Issele-Uku, Chief Onyeabor Nwaba, stated that because it is the end of the year and the start of a new one, everyone is in a celebratory mood because they are honoring the Almighty God.

The Obi of Issele-Uku Aide Prince Victor Egbune said, “from last year September, we have been doing our farm work, every other thing trying to gather food for ourselves, and then we have now started our harvest, and we are happy that we have had a bountiful harvest.”

Later, the Obi made his final appearance before entering the market square to engage in various rites and pray for better future years.

An indigene, Nwankonye Agiliga, who was dressed as a woman, claimed that the event known as Ine Day is the reason why he always dresses like a woman every September.

Another native, Christopher Asheidu, stated that this is a chance for the entire world to come and enjoy the abundance of tourism in this town since they are blessed people and are very welcoming, generous, and kind people.



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