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Is Throwing Underwear At Artists Now A Trend? A Case Study Of Burna Boy’s Concert At Madison Square Garden.

by InlandTown Editor
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Recently, a video revealed female fans throwing “bras” at the award-winning afrobeat star, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu popularly known as Burna boy. This video was a clip from the concert during which the Grammy award winner thrilled his fans on the stage of Madison square garden.

His fans must have been so delighted that the females there couldn’t contain the excitement and decided to show it by pulling their “bras” and also throwing them at him. Burna boy in recompense grabbed them and danced with them.

This video spiked up a lot of responses and comments across different social media platforms. Some of the respondents commented in aid of the act and some others were not having it without  female fans.

One of the female fans who threw her underwear at him took to her Twitter page to post; “Y’all know how hard it was to take off my bra under my hoodie” with an attachment of the video which she deleted a while after.

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Now this particular scene looked like the first of its kind to a Nigerian-based artist, it had happened in other places with foreign celebrities. Some Nigerians claim that act is “harassment”; Burna Boy’s grabbing of the underwear doesn’t make it seem like he was being harassed though. Some Twitter users commented that he wouldn’t have grabbed it if he wasn’t comfortable with that act. According to one of the fans who threw their underwear, he asked them to throw more.

Subsequently, other videos of female fans doing the same thing to another artist surfaced and this poses different questions; “Is this a trend?” Is it okay to throw underwear as a show of delight? Is it a form of harassment?

Some of the reactions the said video got are;
J_precy: “I would have thrown more than that ooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍

mr.azeezofficial: “Awon fans Isonu”

zucciano1: “The world loves nonsense”

ginnels__ : “omo burna na better cruise😂😂😂😂😂, I love this sha.

The reactions from different people show that some are in support of the act being a way of showing love to the artist while some believe it’s not a “proper” thing to do.

In Nigeria which is the origin of the Afrobeat star, this action was not considered totally polite. This is because it’s not something that happened prior to this particular scenario in Nigeria. There must have been a trigger for many indigenes. It might be right to say “It didn’t happen in Nigeria” but the subject of the matter is a loved one back here in Nigeria.

In summary, some acts might not be totally wrong but other things must be considered which include; sensitivity and environment.



By Fopefoluwa Ibraheem

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