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Is Chelsea Falling? Everton 3, Chelsea 1.

by InlandTown Editor
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After a decent first 10 minutes, a beyond terrible next 25, and a good final 10 minutes to end the first half, the second half was a fairly even affair, both sides carrying a decent amount of threat.  Chelsea pressed, Everton countered.  With every failed attack, their chance of scoring went up.  And so, 3-1 it finishes.

  • Funny how games can turn on random events, like Besic picking up an early injury, forcing a reshuffle from Martinez.  Naismith, the Chelsea-killer came on, and promptly killed Chelsea.
  • Stones looked pretty good, as a future silver lining.
  • Temptation to blame Ivanovic for everything, but the marking by the center backs on Everton’s first goal (and third goal) was absolutely atrocious.  And even with Mikel in there, Everton had ridiculous amounts of space regularly in midfield.  Our defensive record will not improve until that improves.
  • In fact, the whole team is tragically out of form.
  • Kenedy looked every bit a raw 19-year-old prospect today.  That will happen with 19-year-olds.  Zouma had several silly lapses of concentration as well.  That will happen with young players.
  • How many corners did we have?  Aren’t we supposed to be good at these things?
  • 4 points from 5.  One win  Two losses in a row.  The darkest timeline.

Review by David Pasztor

Culled from sbnation.com

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