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IPOB Warns Ansaru Group To Stay Away From South East

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A terrorist group, Ansaru had alleged that the ‘unknown gunmen’ terrorizing the south- east were members of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).

Jamar Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan better known as Ansaru also accused IPOB of killing a pregnant Muslim woman, Harira Jubril, and her four children in Anambra state.

In a video released, the group’s leader said,

“Here are some committers of excesses known as IPOB. Look at how they have been killing our comrades these days in the Southern part”

However, Emma Powerful, IPOB’s spokesperson said the group is not interested in dragging any issues with Ansaru because it was a terrorist organization.

He also warned the group to stay off the south east region, and added that he would not respond to a terrorist organization like Ansaru as IPOB had never taken responsibility for the numerous attacks and killings.

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Furthermore, he added,

“We cannot respond to a terrorists’ organization like Ansaru. It’s on record that IPOB is not responsible for the numerous attacks and killings. We are also not unknown gunmen and don’t know anything about them.

Ansaru terrorists’ group can continue ranting and putting accusing fingers at IPOB, all Nigerians know that Biafra agitation is peaceful and will remain peaceful until Biafra freedom is totally achieved.


Ansaru terrorists putting accusing fingers on IPOB means that they are uninformed and clueless as what they know is to kill innocent Nigerians and claiming they are protecting Muslims. Muslims does not represent terrorism but these lunatics claimed to be working for the good of Muslims.

IPOB won’t drag issue with terrorists because the world knows the difference between IPOB and Ansaru, they only represent terrorism and the whole world is aware of this”.

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