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IPOB Applauds Professor Anya Over Tweets On Late Queen

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) applauded Prof. Uju Anya concerning her tweets about the late Queen Elizabeth II. They expressed that what she gave as her opinion about the late Queen and British government portrays that of over 98 percent of Biafrans. This was expressed in a statement by the Media and Publicity Secretary of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Emma Powerful which was released on Thursday.

In the statement, he said the professor’s tweets depicted that the hurts and pains of the terrible effect of the war which led to the killing of the people of Biafra in which Queen Elizabeth II played a role are still very much in the hearts of people. He said the hurts will not be forgotten if the matter is not looked into and about.

In the statement, he said “The British Government and its allies, under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth, supplied military equipment and manpower to Nigeria to wipe out Biafrans. They used their propaganda media, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), to label Biafrans rebels and prevented any assistance to them.

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“As a result, many Biafrans were killed, including the family members of Uju. The world should know that Biafrans, both young and old, would not forgive the late Queen and the British people, especially the politicians, unless the British Government allows Biafrans to regain their sovereignty through referendum.

The Professor had earlier in the week in an interview with The Punch claimed that she feels her life is in danger and that lies were being peddled against her. She also said she was being impersonated on different social media platforms and being linked to the Indigenous People Of Biafra. She expressed her fears concerning the fact that the government might tag her a terrorist because of the links.

She has urged Nigerians to see that she is in an unsafe position and that all the claims about her being a member and sponsor of the IPOB movements are not true.

“They are using me for political movements and messages that I do not align with, and they are seriously damaging me and my safety.
“This is going to be a huge problem for me. What if the Nigerian government considers me a terrorist and wants to arrest me? They are putting my life in danger.”

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