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Inside House Of Omenka

by InlandTown Editor
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We recently met with the curator of the Omenka gallery Oliver Enwonwu, who is also the son of the legendary Ben Enwonwu. The gallery welcomes artistes from across Africa, providing an opportunity to expose their works to a global audience.

Here are some of the pieces we had the opportunity to view at our recent visit.


Mr Oliver Enwonwu  curator Of Omenka Gallery Ikoyi Lagos

Ben Enwonwu and the queen

The founder of the Omenka gallery late Prof. Ben Enwonwu with Queen Elizabeth of England at the presentation of his sculpture of the queen.


Oliver explaining a piece on the wall depicting the mind of a depressed artist.IMG_9574









A sculpture made from scrap rubber  [tyre] depicting a gorrilla









Oliver further explains








Another sculpture made from tyre depicting a ram











Another piece made from car parts depicting an exotic animal with a horn.

We had an exciting time touring the white hall of Omenka Gallery.

InlandTown! 2015.


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