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In the City of Spain, the Las Fallas Festival Has Valencia Buzzing

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Just concluded in the city of Spain is the biggest and most exciting festival, the LAS FALLAS Festival. The Las Fallas Festival is one of the most popular Spanish festivals that takes place in March.

The Las Fallas Festival is a five day long street party that takes place in Valencia displaying spectacular fireworks and light. The festival is a celebration of Saint Joseph and comes with a series of events.

    1. La Despertà; This event happens by 8am, it is a gathering of brass bands which march down the streets playing lively music.
    2. La Mascleta; An explosive barrage of coordinated firecracker and firework displays lights up the city by 2pm.
    3. L’ofrena de Flors; In this event, an offering consisting of flowers are taken to the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of the Forsaken.
    4. El Castells and La Nit del Foc; This consists of fireworks displayed at the old riverbed in Valencia

Due to the COVID-19, the Las Fallas festival took place from September 1 to September 5.

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