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Imumolen Claims He Can Solve The Problem Of The Youths

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The flagbearer of the Accord Party Professor Christopher Imumolen expresses that his youthfulness makes him significantly qualified to bring solutions to the different problems that affect youths in Nigeria. Professor Christopher happens to be the youngest out of the 18 candidates that have been declared for the presidential seat in 2023. He insists that nobody will be able to understand the plight of the youths except for a youth.

The Accord Party candidate is known as a philanthropist and he has said he is not absurd by the claims of some candidates that they are youths while they are not. He said it will be a mistake on the part of the youths to be swayed by the advances of such candidates.

He said, “The clamor by the younger segment of the population for a president of youth extraction probably led to some persons migrating to other parties and attempting to dress themselves in the garbs of youths.
“But we all know that once a person grows past a certain age bracket, he can no longer be referred to as a youth”, the AP standard bearer said in an interview in Lagos.

“So, strictly following that analogy, I can unabashedly say that I am the only authentic youth going into the 2023 presidential elections. I need to make this categorically clear in order to sensitize the youths.

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“Beyond making that clarification, I want to let the youths know that I represent their voices, that I am the one who knows their problems and therefore naturally positioned to solve them. “They should know that this is a unique opportunity for them to make a bold statement about the much sought after paradigm shift in the power equation of this country.

“I want them to know that being in the most active and largest segment of the population, they hold the aces as regards wresting power from the older generation that haven’t offered them anything for decades.
“I want them to be analytical, clear-minded in making their choices. They should not be moved by the globe rhetoric of some candidates who are trying vainly to not only pass themselves off as youths, but claim knowledge of their deepest desires and aspirations.

“I, Professor Christopher Imumolen, is offering the youths a future. A future where they will be appreciated, where their talents, intellect, abilities, innovativeness and resourcefulness would be engaged and utilized for the good of themselves, and Nigeria.
“I make a solemn promise to them today. No hardworking, progressively-minded youth in Nigeria will be left abandoned and uncatered for if I earn their mandate to become the next president,”.

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