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“I’ll tackle Insecurity and Corruption First”- Peter Obi

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Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party of Nigeria, Peter Obi is on tour in the United States and Europe to meet his supporters. He has addressed several town hall meetings during the tour.

In an interview with Noire TV in the US, Peter Obi promised Nigerians that if elected, his top priority on his first day in office will be tackling the incessant issue of insecurity in Nigeria.

When asked which of his numerous campaigns promises he would see fulfilled, Peter Obi responded by saying there are various issues Nigeria is faced with but Insecurity and corruption take the top spots.

He then went further to say that Nigeria is not faced with any insurmountable challenges. In his words “What we are going through now has happened in many other nations. What it requires is leadership. If we have a competent leadership with character and capacity, we can pull the country out of all this”

On tackling corruption, he said: “If the leader is not corrupt, his family and those around him are not corrupt, you reduce it (corruption) by 70%; and whoever is doing it knows that he’s going to face the law”


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Peter Obi also laid emphasis on his commitment to moving Nigeria from a consumption-based economy to a production-based economy. He said “If you tackle the intangible asset of insecurity which is number 1, deal with the issue of Rule of Law, invest in human capital development, you’re going to start attracting people to come and invest locally first, the diaspora, then foreigners.

He criticised Nigerian governments over-dependence on crude oil as the number 1 source of foreign exchange and revenue. Peter Obi commented that Nigeria has vast uncultivated land and we need to solve security issues to get those who have left their farmlands to go back.  He also mentioned that Nigeria needs to have a Development bank to support more production in the agric sector to boost agro-based exports. Watch full interview here.

Peter Obi has also been scheduled to appear in an interview with Zain Asher, anchor of the global news program, “One World with Zain Asher”. But the interview, scheduled to hold Tuesday, 6th of September 2022 has been postponed without any announcement of a new date.

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