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Igwe John Oduah’s Eulogy To Obi Obi Okosi II 59 Years Ago

by Austin Areh
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Igwe John Oduah of Akiri ( Olu and Ogbaru communities ) his eulogy to OBI OKOSI II ( AGBOGIDI): on 20th of March 1961
“ The king that ruled with a smile and kindness has gone to rest with the Lord forever and ever. OKOSI II is dead but memories will live forever. Although he has been severed with Mother Earth but the dignity that was his demeanor will live forever. Although his magnetic frame we will see no more, but the link he made between Onitsha and other Ibos will remain unbroken. Let the Lordly Niger hold it’s billows and flow silently in last respect to the great – departed King. Let the murmuring Nkisi and Idemili streams flow through their winding courses solemnly in obedience to the great King that has gone to rest. Let the misty Nsugbe Hills and Smokey Valleys pay him homage. Let the swampy high forest in Ogbaru and Anambra Districts pay tribute to great leader of the Ibo land. Let the twinkling stars and the moon exhibit their beauties in adoration of the King. I call on the Ogbarus and their graceful dancers to show their last respect to traditional ruler of the ever hospitable and accommodating Onitsha. I call on the Nupes, the Igalas, the Hausas, Yorubas to gather to pay the last homage to king of the land that has given us shelter and food for years undisturbed. I call on all the industrious IGBO traders and businessmen to rally round to mourn their charitable King the ruled without discrimination. May he Rest In Peace. ”
Picture Credits: P. Henderson and ImeObi.org
InlandTown! 2020.

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