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I Flew To London To Only Have Dinner , Toke Makinwa

by Austin Areh
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The Nigerian entertainment scene is claimed to be on of the fastest growing path in the Nigerian economical standpoint . In the recent years, we have seen how individuals have risen from grass to grace , with their life changing stories and testimonials. At some point , it seemed like the show of properties and high end products , were clearly to motivate people coming up. But as every thing has a good side, there are negatives, and one of such negatives has been the fact that many youths who don’t have a clear means of income , want to be in the league of ostentatious consumers , and that totally contradicts the laws of process and growth. 

In a way to change the narrative , celebrities and influencers have started to share more organic success stories , to inform their followers about their growth rate , in alignment to the process and how they were able to climb up the food chain. As much as these stories are new, we still enjoy to see how their stories add up to their every reality. 

Sharing an experience, Media personality Toke Makinwa , recent shared a story of how she had a craving for a meal in London, and booked her flight that evening to have the meal all the way from Nigeria, she was careful to highlight that she didn’t take a private jet, but claimed that she only went to London that evening , just to satisfy her urge for that particular delicacy . 

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