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House Of Representatives Starts Inquest Into Low Power Supply

by Austin Areh
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Looking through the current political climate of certain states in the country, there seems to be a political revival. While on the cover pot, is the chattering and cross carpeting, at the bottom are some subliminal and premeditated steps being constituted.
I totally feel that there is a paradigm shift and politicians are looking inward to synergize and build a new front for intellectual property and that intellectual path is the core purpose of association. In my opinion it is the translational growth of democracy taking form in different variations.
There is a new drive of consciousness taking over the political sphere of the country , as there are more calls for accountability in different areas of governance. While this aspects are very welcome, it is important to state that a new occurrence is the notion, that the House of Representatives members have sent messages to the Power Ministry over the prolonged poor electricity supply . This is following the presidential enquiry into the recent state of power supply . The House of Representatives Committee on Power, on the 22nd of March , reached the Federal Ministry of Power to clarify on the issue.

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