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Hollywood’s Leading Lady, Katherine Hepburn is Our Living Icon

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By Itty Okopide

“Work, work, work. She can work till everyone drops.” Co-star Stanley Kramer said about our Icon and Woman Crush, Katherine Hepburn. Tell us why a lady who devoted so much time to her career and had a genuine passion for acting so much that she would commit heavily to each role by rehearsing as much as possible, involve herself with the production of every film she starred and would also master the lines of her fellow cast members, doesn’t deserve our love.

Katherine Hepburn was born on May 12, 1907. She was an American film actress who was born into a wealthy family and raised in Connecticut. Being the second of six children, while growing up, she and her siblings were taught to exercise freedom of speech and encouraged to think and debate on any topic they wanted. Her parents faced criticism by the community for their progressive views and this prompted Hepburn to fight the obstacles she encountered. Hepburn believed that the influence of her “Two wonderful parents.” played a significant role in shaping her life to success. She remained in close contact with her family throughout her life.

As Hollywood’s leading lady, Hepburn was on screen for over sixty years. She won four Academy Awards for best actress and received a total of twelve Oscar nominations. Hepburn challenged herself in the latter half of her life when she took over Shakespeare’s theatrical roles and a variety of literary roles. known for her headstrong independence and spirited personality, Hepburn cultivated a screen persona that very well matched her personality. She regularly played the role of a strong-willed and sophisticated spinster in her movies.

Known for being fiercely private and refusing to succumb to the celebrity lifestyle which she considered boring and superficial, Hepburn rarely appeared in public and for most of her career, refused to grant interviews or talk to her fans. In the old Hollywood glamour era, Hepburn would be seen wearing casual clothes and most times had on trousers/slacks

Commenting on her personality, Hepburn addressed herself  as a woman with an outstanding personality, “I’m a personality as well as an actress. Show me an actress who isn’t a personality and you’ll show me a woman who isn’t a star.” With a non-traditional lifestyle and the independent role she brought to the screen, Hepburn embodied the “modern woman” of the 20th century and is remembered as an important cultural figure.

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