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Herdsmen Killing In Enugu: Ohanaeze Accuses South-East Governors Of Being Major Conspirators

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The Ohanaeze Youths Council, (OYC), has accused South-East Governors of being complicit in the incessant killings and invasion of Igbo communities by terrorists and bandits under the disguise of Fulani herdsmen.

The group stated this in a statement in reaction to the invasion of three Eha-Amufu communities and killing of locals.

Condemning the continued unprovoked attacks and killing of locals in the statement signed by the National President of OYC, Igboayaka Igboayaka, Ohanaeze lamented the grave silence of the Federal Government, South-East governors and Federal Representatives from the region.

OYC warned that the brutal killings of the people could propel the youths of Igboland “to pick up similar AK-47 or its equivalent weapons for unavoidable self-defence as an available self-defense.”

The statement reads: “We can’t keep quiet anyone as Ohanaeze Youth Council. The South-East governors have proven themselves to be puppet to Fulani political Oligarchy who they serve as masters by sacrificing the blood of Ndigbo in season and out of season.

“It’s on record that these self-glory governors are the real conspirators sabotaging the real steps to stop the planned ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo by the Jihadist. This ugly ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo at Agu- Amede, Mgbuji and Eboh Communities in Ehu-Amufu Isi-Uzo Local Government started from 22nd to 23rd November 2022, while an attempt was made by contacting the State Security Services, the State Police command and the Governor.

“We can no longer wait for a soothsayer to let us know that both Nigeria Security agents and Governors of Igbo extraction have compromised their oath which they swore to protect the lives and property of Ndigbo.

“The Ohualu Mgbede has been sacked by Fulani Militias and Bandits and up until now, neither President Mohammadu Buhari nor any of the Federal Government Representatives has visited the affected villages at Ehu-Amufu, at least in pretence to cheer up their Militias for a job well done.”

It added, “The silence of federal government of Nigeria and State Government is a silent way of telling every individual youth in Igbo land to pick up a similar AK-47 or its equivalent weapons for unavoidable self-defence as an available self-defence.

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“What happened to Ehu-Amufu people at Enugu State recorded the death of over 100 people, 50 people missing with two villages being sacked by these dreaded herders.

“It’s on record that the so called mouthed “Ebube Agu” of Southeast Governors was a mere joker as some governors turned “EbubeAgu” into their militia gangs against their political opponents. Imo State and Ebonyi State have recorded huge death of Innocent youths by “Ebube Agu.” They extort money from innocent Igbo youths and tagged them ESN.

“Till today we want to bring to the General public that “Ebube Agu” has not recorded any successful operation of confronting any criminal gangs, Fulani Militias and Bandits, but they have severally records hundreds of maiming of innocent Igbo youths with uncovered allegations of labelling the Innocent Igbo youths as members of ESN or IPOB.

Continuing, the release states that; “There’s no place, either Local or International law that sees Self-determination groups as criminals or terrorist Organizations, but Nigeria, having shifted from the content of being described as “Zoo” to a “Jungle Territory” where total disorderliness and brutality reign. Nigeria is not a zoo, at least there is level of orderliness and arrangement of animals according to their specie’s in the Zoo, Nigeria in its actual sense is a jungle country.”

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