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Have A SMART New Year 2016

by InlandTown Editor
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2016 is here and the resolutions and goals will start rolling in. But permit me to tell you this:

You don’t need new year resolutions!

They’re simply traditions that do not amount to something great after 2 to 3 months. And they’re for those you need to get over a struggle. A research at the University of Scranton suggests that only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolutions and goals. What you need is to plan your goals beforehand; relevant goals that can be achieved.
You do not have to wait till January 1st before you set your goals. Most people fail at goal-setting and consequently fail at achieving their goals because the foundation of such goals isn’t even right. After the Christmas celebrations, spend the remaining days of the year planning your goals. Here are the 3 Sharp ways you can set and achieve your goals in 2016.

Make it SMART
Your goals should be S=Specific M=Measurable A=Action-Oriented R=Relevant T=Time-Bound.
Be specific; do not have a generic goal like ‘I plan to be better next year’ but at what? It’s better to say ‘I plan to be better at cooking/being a father/mathematics/public speaking/playing the keyboard etc
Make it Measurable. How do you know you have achieved success or you are failing at it. Having a goal like ‘I plan to be good and make people love me’ may not really cut it. How can you measure the love (or hatred) of ‘people’ for you?
Also, make sure your goals are Relevant and Time-Bound and packaged with some action. Give yourself a timeline e.g ‘Before the middle of January, I plan to shoot my first movie’. Let it be relevant to something e.g your career and make it actionable (what you will do to achieve it)

Make it Simple
The simpler, the better. Experts are of the opinion that people use the New Year opportunity to list a huge number of goals forgetting that other priorities will rise along the way. Keep it simple. It is more sensible to start small and set attainable goals but visualize the larger picture, the bigger dream.

Always Visualize and Believe it
Never loose your dreams or yourself in the euphoria of successes that will come your way in the new year. Have your goals written down and always believe it even when you fail at first attempt. A mental picture of what you want, where you’re going, what you want to achieve and even what you do not want to come your way keeps you on track especially when people who do not believe in you talk you down!
Failing to plan is the first step at planning to fail. You succeed: people will be happy and celebrate with you. You fail: it is all your fault and nobody will care to know what you went through that made you fail. It’s your decision.

Make those goals of yours SMART, Simple and give it a Mental Face.

Happy New Year

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