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Hasten the Release Of Train Attack Victims, Or We Occupy Govt. Facilities

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Relatives and friends of the remaining abducted passengers from the Kaduna, Abuja train attack have threatened to invade government facilities in  Kaduna, if nothing productive is done to bring their families back.

They express fear of losing their families as they have been hearing subsequent reports of snack bite and gunshot injuries the captives would have suffered.

In a press conference yesterday, a representative of the families, Dr. Abdulaziz, whose mother and sister are in captivity lamented on how worried they are about the state of health of the captives.

“It is necessary to restate that our family members still in captivity are living under horrendous conditions, many of them are sick with poor medical care in addition to poor nutrition, environmental hazards and more frighteningly living in perpetual fear of threat to life.”

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They stressed that family members of the hostages were not left out in the harrowing experience with some already in depression with suicidal thoughts.

“We cannot wait to see the end of this nightmare. Our hearts were gladdened on Tuesday, 21st June 2022 when Mr. President issued fresh orders to security chiefs to spare no effort in freeing the remaining 50 hostages ‘alive and in the shortest time possible.’ Our joy will know no bounds if this presidential directive is given accelerated action that results in a positive outcome,” the group stated.

They commended the efforts of the Chief of Defense Staff and other service chiefs as well as Nigerians for their efforts and prayers in seeing to the return of their loved ones.

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