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Gubernatorial Candidate Urges Voters to Learn From Trump’s Fiasco

by InlandTown Editor
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A frontline gubernatorial candidate from the All Progressive People’s Congress (APC) in Anambra State, Sir. Azuka Okwuosa admonished the state voters to learn from the mishaps of the outgoing U.S. President, Donald J. Trump to elect a stable minded person as governor of the state.

The former chairman of APC Reconciliation Committee in the state mentioned that the happenings in the United States, especially during Trump’s final days, should act a precedent to them and cause them to be very critical of the governorship aspirants who are billionaires.

Okwuosa noted that since Anambra is a commercial hub, the next governor. Should be an individual who balances his business acumen with political experience.  He added that “Anyone aspiring to be the next governor of Anambra State must have a combination of the ability to create wealth and political skills.”

He expressed that in the past 21 years of political leadership in the state there. Have been a few people with a mixture of both skills and that has been a problem. He said, “any leadership that will take over the state without prior experience will never succeed”.

The governorship candidate spoke that he believed that. Before one can be a governor, they must pass through different levels of leadership starting from local government administration. That way, when they find themselves in leadership at the state level, they can function properly.

He boasted of himself being an accomplished person adding that he has successful businesses in oil and gas, communications and construction as well as an opportunity to have undergone through political tutelage because of his association with Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.


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