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Governor Zulum Encourages Bornu Youth Who Converts Vehicles into Solar Models

by Austin Areh
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Every aspect of life requires believe,  in believing in that vision or image,  you have subconsciously given it life. That life has the able to grow and blossom into your beautiful destination of success, be active to environmental factors and build around the things you have, other than the things you wish for.

As Youths, we need to use our time to create solutions to the problems , instead of spending more energy in complaining, because the solution lies between the time we have , and the maximum use of that time. Our brilliance cannot be measured by online ranting, but in the quality of deliverables we set our mind to achieve , in making the society a better place for everyone .

The government of Bornu state has taken such initiatives to enhance the productivity level of a Nigerian youth, Mustapha Gajibo , who has learnt a way to convert cars that run on fuel , into electric cars that are powered by Solar. With this invention, the cars can be charged for about 35 minutes and are able to run for 24 hours after that. Tricycle riders popularly known as Keke Riders and even bus drivers , have been taking their cars to this blessed Nigerian Youth to convert it for them. Such innovations support the call for climate change awareness as it reduces the channels of more gas emissions from petrol powered vehicles.

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