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Governor Of Texas, USA, Rejects Vaccine Passport Requirement

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Texas governor Greg Abbott made the announcement on Tuesday , few days after Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis made his announcement, making Texas the second US state to announce a ban on the alleged vaccine passports.

The dissension around the vaccine passport has largely broken along political lines. According to a Twitter post, governor Abbott said that he has issued an executive order prohibiting state agencies or political subdivisions in his state from creating vaccine passport requirements.

He warned that no one should tread on their personal freedoms as he also noted that he was not against the idea of vaccination in principle but rather , resented forced vaccination.

In view of that, he said normalcy is returning to Texas on a daily basis as people become more immune to the spread of Covid-19. He also added that the jabs help slow the spread of the disease, reduces hospitalizations and fatalities.

Ron DeSantis the governor of Florida, over the weekend, also barred all state agencies and local business from issuing vaccine passports while banning government agencies from doing business with private companies that require such passports.


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