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Godwin Emefiele Should Resign , PDP Asserts

by Austin Areh
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The  ideology of unity even in diversity should be propagated in the minds of every politician and political party, and the quest to win elections must only rely on their ability to win votes that will hand them political seats, with vices laid out to ensure that people are served in equity, equality and transparency. We must be very aware that history never forgets, and we realise that Nigerians are natural historians as they remember everything that has happened in the course of history.

What political parties must also do is to ensure that there are moral standards put in place to check the character and personalities of the people allowed to represent them during elections, this is aside from the ability to just buy forms for different positions when electioneering periods pull closer.  We must understand that the change we desire ,starts with us and in that vein, we need to start paying attention to qualities of individuals that we present to the public , because those people must reflect the core purposes of setting up the party in the first place.

With the next elections coming up in 2023 , many candidates have been showing interest including the CBN Governor who has not come out publicly to declare his plans for 2023 but many have seen his posters in circulation. The new development is that the PDP is calling for his resignation on the claims that he is practicing partisan politics. It is stated that Emefiele’s intention was contrary to the provision of section 9 of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Establishment) act, which provides that “the governor and the deputy governors shall devote the whole of their time to the service of the bank, and while holding office, shall not engage in any full or part-time employment or vocation, whether remunerated or not

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