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Flexible Work Culture.

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An entrepreneur has created a company offering what many would consider their dream job – an office of your own choosing, working the hours you wish to work.

His only requirement? Meet performance targets.

Swiss start-up founder Christian Mischler runs his company from his laptop, spending an estimated 250 days of the year on the road.

Even more remarkably, his 100 staff are encouraged to do the same. They are allowed to work whenever and wherever it suits them – be it on a beach, a hotel, or in bed

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‘If someone’s super-efficient on a Friday night between 12am and 4am, they should be allowed to work then,’ he explained.

‘If someone’s super-productive, they might take just three days to reach their performance targets, and then have the next few days off to recover for the following week.

‘It’s a very flexible, fluid work culture.’

With Asia and the South Pacific as his playground, he works from anywhere – including on the top of stunning high rises and picturesque beaches.

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Mr Mischler runs HotelQuickly, a start-up that aims to provide users to find discounted hotels across the Asia-Pacific region.

Founded in 2012, it attracted a host of big name investors, including Koh Boon Hwee, a former Chairman of Singtel and Chairman of Singapore Airlines.

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Credit: Daily mail

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