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Film Maker And Actor Chidi Mokeme Celebrates 50 Years Old Birthday

by Nuel Emuebie
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Life is a learning curve and we never are able to assume the outcome of any given endeavour without venturing into it first of all, because it’s like judging a book by the cover and you can’t assume the dimension that the book will follow from the outward images you see, it’s really not magic. The language that controls everybody’s life is the word process, because everyone has to go through different stages in their lifetime to be able to achieve the element of greatness they desire so much; taking each step via any experience we go through is like climbing up a ladder, and our attitude in that phase determines our speed in terms of reaching various destinations.

In the Nigerian entertainment Star , Chidi Mokeme on a post on his social media platform has celebrated his greatness as he marks 50 years of age. Today is his birthday, he posted about having the grace factor as a working undertone to his career in tv show hosting , acting , and production.


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