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Ezennia Chuka Ifejika Declares for Owelle Of Onitsha.

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The title of Owelle of Onitsha is vacant due to the death of Chief Chukwuma Bamidele Azikiwe, the son of Nnamdi Azikiwe Nigerias first president,  who died at the age of 75 years at saint Charles Boromeo Hospital, near Inosi Onira Inlandtown Onitsha , Anambra State.

Traditionally that position needs to be filled for administrative flow of Obi in council to be uninterrupted, this prompted an astute though retired banker in person of Ezennia Chuka Ifejika to declare interest (igbunye ewu) for the tiltle of Owelle of Onitsha, which is in the category of first class chief ( Ndi Iche Ume), this happened at ime Obi palace Awka road Inland town Onitsha.

Declaration Of Interest is the first step taken , pending the approval from the Obi .Log on to www.inlandtown.com for more details.


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