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Exclusive : Lagos Pastor Preaches With Bow & Arrow

by Austin Areh
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For every community or environment, certain people are able to coagulate into a pool of social interaction. You notice that in such places, once there is a need for representation, certain individuals are consulted as it is transcribed that they represent the general views or opinions of the individuals in that society.

People are able to attain these levels of recognition through social, economic or political responsibilities over time as they commune through life’s timeline. In gaining influence or affluence through possessions, such persons become entities or movements on their own. If as a virtue, generosity is always a drive in these cases, because individuals are naturally wired to follow their interests which constitutes their allegiance and once they find a leader who gives freely, they can commit their entirety to such persons course or goals without worries on the limits they can over shoot.

Another set that has gained a lot of influence in Nigeria are the religious leaders. While many of them in the past have been seen with items like cutlasses where they claim they are using to fight evil spirits and invincible enemies , there seems to be new ways that they use to pass their messages, and that still serves as a puzzle to many onlookers , as people wonder the mental state of these said religious leaders, and how their followers go about sharing the mantle of their leader.

As much as I like to analyze political insights and how they affect the general well being of the society, I have also observed that social and religious structures are also taking on new methods and ways to pass their message. In Berger axis of Lagos, a minister has been seen with bow and arrow , which is worrying but stirs up a level of curiosity as the whole session of the raod had been set up like there was a crusade happening; While the Inlandtown crew could get the said pastor to pose for pictures , as he was setting up , we could see the marvel on peoples faces as they were passing by .

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