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Exclusive : Johnson Suleman Builds Free NYSC Lodge

by Austin Areh
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The trust is that, we can sit and complain about the country all day, or just decide to be nice to ourselves and our distant relatives, which are, every Nigerian citizen you meet. From your domestic staff, to your workers and people you come across , we need to change the narratives into passing Love and comfort , other than an imposition of class and exposure.

On the receiving end, the masses also need to balance their imaginations with the reality on ground, because it starts from within the homes. In the past, peer pressure was birthed amongst the crowd outside, but now we see it is used as a tool of black mail by some parents at home, parents in the current day Nigeria, now use their children as avenues for revenue, which is totally absurd.

Comments like,Can’t you see the cars your mates are driving? Has made more youths get involved in illicit acts more than any other thing, and this spreads into other sectors of the society, however if we want to change the world, then the change begins with the man in the mirror, I keep buttressing this fact. Our lives can become a light for a generation , because we decide to be that, it could also mean darkness, and all of this is dependant on what we do with the access of power bestowed upon us due to financial or political might.

While a lot of youths have been victims of peer pressure, there should be more highlights on the activities of individuals who are changing the face of the Nigerian situation. Reports have shown that Apostle Johnson Suleman who we confirmed built a restaurant for Individuals to eat freely has also built free accommodation for Corpers, who are serving in Edo State.

Johnson Suleman and his Wife, Dr. Lizzy Suleman, have handed a lodging facility , which is a suite that contains 7 apartments. This will help Corp members who have issues with accommodation in their one year of compulsory service to the nation. The corpers showed appreciation to Johnson Suleman and His Wife for such philanthropic gesture.

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