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Exclusive : Interview With Ukrainian War Survivor, Dr. Magdaline

by Austin Areh
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While the war in Ukraine keeps taking diverse updates , it is pertinent to note that there have been so many people who have lost their homes , lives and properties in varying degrees.

For many African migrants and students, who had made Ukraine their home and system, the drastic occurrences put them in very sensitive situations as many had to cross the borders via intense means, a situation that nobody should really be exposed to. While we are aware that many African students who studied in Ukraine before the war , had to also leave and start a new life . Inlandtown Team had an interview with one of those survivors, who is from Ghana, West Africa , as she shares her story and experiences so far.

What’s your name ? And what do you do?

Magdaline Nonkwia

I’m a Medical Doctor by Profession.

I’m also a TV Presenter, Host and Creator of the TV Show “ A Moment with Madlyn “ , a multiple Award winning  Event Promoter and an  Event Anchor .

What did you study while in Ukraine ?

Bsc. Medicine and Surgery

Why did you choose Ukraine in the first place ?

I chose Ukraine because the  tuition was  not too pricy  as compared to other European Countries.

When was the first time you heard about the war ?

News about Russia’s invasion in  was on the rise since January 2022 and the threats became alarming sometime around the 1st week of February and since then , there was just that feeling the war is here but as when it will happen , we weren’t so sure of though the U.S had some intelligence about a proposed date . So it’s quite difficult to pick a date but  the full scale invasion happened on  Thursday 24th February .

What were the first thoughts that came to your mind?

Calls from friends woke me up and the first thoughts that came to mind was “I’m not running anywhere , this will be over in maximum a week , so now , look for the nearest bomb shelter to hide “

My friends thought I was crazy because they were all pushing for me to start running just like everyone else and I kept asking everyone, Run to where ??

Before the war, you were into entertainment, tell us briefly about that.

Yes , I was a Media Personality who was actively involved in the Entertainment Sceneries in Ukraine.

I was a Tv Presenter , DNTGHANA ‘s ( a channel on Multitv ) Official News correspondence in Ukraine, I had  my own Show (A Moment with Madlyn ) running on DNTGHANA  and on Youtube . I was also an Event promoter , I organized the  biggest and sold out events  across Ukraine. I was also a digital marketer, voice over artiste . I was into Club & Artiste Management as well .

The Entertainment scenery in Ukraine was my World .

Which artistes have you hosted so far?

I have had  the likes of  Davido , Peruzzi, Bella Shmurda , Victor OG (YBNL), Phyno to mention but few on my Show , A Moment with Madlyn .

How did you leave the war zones ?

A week into the war , I finally decided to take that bold step to leave everything behind and flee for my life because it was getting worse by the day . So I boarded a train from Kiev City to Uzhgorad, a city in Ukraine that shares borders with Hungary & Slovakia. So from there , I got on a train at Chop Train Station, Which is actually a border railway station between Ukraine and Hungary. So this train took me to Zahony in Hungary, then from there , I got on another train to Budapest, the capital city .

What items were you able to pick ?

Vital Documents, few clothes, bags and footwear . I got some biscuits, fruits,  and glucose  as well .

Have people been helpful so far ?

Yes , my family and friends have been very supportive in these trying times .

And God sent some angles my way in the form of “strangers” this period as well .

The  people in  the border countries I went through have been very receptive and accommodating too .

And I can’t speak about support without mentioning organizations like Society Moko in Switzerland and The Global Black Coalition. These organizations have  provided relocation support , legal support and been fighting day and night for 3rd State Nationals who fled the war to have EQUAL ACCESS TO SAFETY.

What’s your plan in Your new location ?

To get integrated so I will start life all  over . I would like to assist  my brothers and sisters of color who fled the war also get integrated in whichever country they find themselves.

You recently featured in a show ? Please let us about it ?

Yes I was featured in a Poetry slam called “TEXTEN” in Bern, Switzerland on 1st May .

It was a poetry Slam  featuring the National Winners and I was the guest Poet . All the poets were tasked to make a poetry presentation on “PAYDAY” but as a Guest Poet and  a refugee  of the war from Ukraine, it was the best platform to talk about the Sad Realities of War and the fate of  third State Nationals who fled the war and I did just that .

Do you have plans to invest in Africa in the nearest future ?

Yes I do !

What is your advice to other Africans who are in the same situation?

I understand the pains and anger  of having lost everything you ever  worked for , fleeing war and now seeking for protection in a foreign country and because you are not Ukrainian by birth or a family member of Ukraine, you are being treated differently . It’s really overwhelming and frustrating and I get it , but I just want to use this medium to encourage us all to stay firm and believe in God as what God cannot do does not exist . You will rise and be strong again .

What’s your next plan , after the war ends ?

I am not waiting for the war to end before I kickstart my plans . They are already In motion and I’m believing in God for his favor, mercy and guidance .

Life goes on ,  WAR or NO WAR .

Do you have plans to return to Ukraine ?

Everything is still blur  now so it’s difficult to say a YES or NO but Ukraine was my Home for the past 8 years and one thing I’m sure of  is Ukraine will always be a part of me and it’s not the last Ukraine will see of Me .

What do you miss most about Ukraine ?




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