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Exclusive Interview – Meet Olaide, A Nigerian Youth in The US Army

by Austin Areh
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Politicians need to move from the era where they empower people closest to them, and move the agenda to the whole society , from small scale contractors  to others who want to do businesses, the role of support is very important to achieve the required growth needed.

Each governor and local government chairman must decide to have town hall meetings with youths resident in their area , get a very active database of the ones that are able to achieve set out tasks, and empower them, these one’s will also employ capable hands and the circle keeps going on. We will realise that the large sums spent on security will reduce when we spend more on changing the lives of the citizens.

In recent times , Nigerians have come under scrutiny as many don’t understand the rate and work ethics out into the whole process of greatness, in celebrating Nigerian youths doing very well Globally, inland town news caught up with Queen Olaide, a Nigerian Youth currently in the US Army .

What’s your name and how did you get the Interest of joining the US Army?

My name is a Olaide Omotoke Olatuyi , and Yes I have always dreamt about the US armed Forces as a child. That was solely based on the Saviour perspective the UNICEF portrays in the Movies .

Who’s your biggest Influence?

My biggest influence is my child’s father. I thought of myself as a unicorn and weirdo until I met a man with as much drive and hunger as me ( the type I have to contain as an African woman).

How was moving to the US like?

Migration is my biggest hurdle . Being a first generation pregnant migrant is still the biggest hurdle I’ve had to face till date. I learnt and owned America with a human in my belly.

What do you wish you had done earlier ?

I wish I let myself enjoy my 20’s more, to be honest.

How do you keep your mental and physical health balanced?

Exercise is always a good thing. Always remember to work out , it’s not just for the body , but the mind as well.

Where did you grow up in Nigeria?

I grew up in Jakande Estate, Isolo Lagos. My childhood was healthy , because real life has taught me a lot of people didn’t enjoy all the love and affection I enjoyed. I felt punished sometimes for having average parents.

What’s your Opinion about dreamers ?

No dream is too big, if you were raised in Nigeria, please do not allow the environment dictate your dreams.

If you were not in the US Army, what could you have been doing ?

I’ll would have been an actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

How best do you relax after work?

I find plenty time to chop life . I enjoy good music . And I consider Afro Beats . I currently like Sip Alcohol from Joe Boy and Somebody’s  son  by Tiwa and Brandy.

What’s your word for the girl child?

Girl child, reading and learning is all you need to thrive and win in today’s world. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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1 comment

Adeniran Olumide July 13, 2022 - 9:17 pm

The Lord is your strength and am happy u are doing what you love. Salute all hail to the Queen


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