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Event Overview: A Day at Young Qing’s listening Party in Lagos

by InlandTown Editor
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Listening Party

By Itty Okopide

It was the first listening party I have ever been to and my experience was nothing short of excitement. Two days prior, my managing editor informed me and my colleague that we would be attending the listening party of Young Qing. Peter Chukwuebuka, known as Young Qing, is a musical artist who hails from Anambra State.

My boss secured us tickets to the event. The artist’s social handle published event tickets and a call line for those interested in attending the event.

Young qing

The listening party ticket

From the ticket, the location where the listening party is to be held is at a rooftop bar in Magodo. The ticket also covers food and drinks.

On the day of the listening party, I set out a little late, I’m sure you know this thing they say about “Nigerian Time” lols. I live in the Magodo phase one area while the listening party was held at the Magodo phase two area.

I ordered a ride and I arrived at Paradox Sky bar in twenty-five minutes. It was Saturday so there was little or no traffic on my route. I was excited when I discovered that the listening party was to be held at a rooftop bar. I wouldn’t have guessed that the owners would take the location into consideration when choosing a name.

Between feeling like taking a nap and trying to get ready to attend the event, I couldn’t have guessed what my day would be like but I was sure I was going to have a good day when I set foot in Paradox Sky Bar.

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The Ambience

The ambience was very cool and welcoming. I must say that the sponsors, Lyrics TV, did well to make this venue a choice. The lighting was suitable for a night event and the bar was not too rowdy. Soft music played as I arrived. Guests took pictures by the backdrop.

Young Qing

Some guests at the event

Listening Party

Guests took pictures as they arrived

Young Qing

Guests took pictures as they arrived

Guest Conduct

The guests behaved in a very friendly and respectable manner. They were willing to take photos and interact with people around them. Guests were allowed to perform some of Young Qing’s music while some played games like snooker or “find the item.” The host was also very friendly and entertaining.

Young Qing

Guests were allowed to perform some of Young Qing’s songs

Listening Party

while some played games like snooker and “find the item”

Food & Drinks

There was enough food and drinks to go round. I was told to request my choice of drink and afterwards, a barbeque meal was served. I had a plate of fried potatoes, chicken, turkey, vegetables and pepper sauce.

Young Qing

Guests photographed with their meal

Great Music

Didn’t  I attend the listening party of Young Qing to watch him perform his newly released song? Yes I did. I was not disappointed. Young Qing’s new music, LOML (Love of My Life) is an emotional song suitable for lovers which narrates the hardships that are encountered in relationships. His performance was mesmerizing.

Young Qing while performing LOML

I am pleased I was able to capture some of these moments with my iPhone SE which I purchased from RhMs Tech at an affordable rate. I really had a nice time.

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