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Emefiele Has Not Violated Any Law , Emefiele Support Group Replies

by Austin Areh
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Politics should be a platform for role models to step up and change the course of the society through examples and not just mere words, because mere words only make each step or statement totally hypocritical and without base. Politicians should grow from the massive use of propaganda and infuse the qualities of fact finding and diplomatic delivery of manifesto.

Apart from packaging Garri and salt during elections, they must understand that a bag of rice will not last for the next four years, but good roads , good schools and more developmental projects will be beneficial to the masses that have voted them in.

They must be reminded firstly about the direct challenges the masses face when they want to get their voters cards, the long queues and rigorous processes , and then the dange rs they are exposed to during and  after the elections. If our leaders understand that we are just one big community, the steps they take to empower the growing generation will be more intentional and proactive. We have seen how many politicians preach peace but can build up a militia to take out a political opposition at the slightest possible provocation, when the youths notice that violence is a language, they take after that and exaggerate it , making the society largely tensed and dangerous to live in.

The very valid point is that everyone that has political aspirations should be able to channel their motives via a diplomatic system , where they don’t pressure the everyday Nigerians to carry the burden of politicking as they may carry it out to the best of their knowledge, which in some cases , may not be ideal.

It has been further reported that Emefiele’s posters and followers were very active at the APC convention, representing their voices via the Emefiele Support Group. While the PDP insists that he should resign , the director of  Emefiele Support Group (ESG), Benigna Ejimba, said Mr Emefiele had not violated any law. He claimed that the CBN Governor has not officially declared and he wonders why a mere poster is making everyone talk about the current CBN’ governors ambition.

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