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Edo Heritage Sports Festival: Where Over 2000 Athletes Unleash Their Sporting Splendor

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Benin City is set to come alive this November as it hosts the sixth Edo Heritage Sports Festival and Carnival, featuring over 2,000 athletes. This event, organized by Heritage and Sports Colony International Limited, celebrates Edo State’s cultural heritage and promotes unity among its people.

CEO Mrs. Omoyemwen Adeyinka-Afolabi highlights the festival’s blend of tradition and modernity, promoting cultural tolerance and unity in Edo State.

The festival will showcase a diverse range of sporting disciplines, underlining the state’s commitment to holistic development. Athletes will compete in a thrilling array of activities, including ayo (a traditional board game), traditional wrestling, chess, karate, five-a-side football, and athletics. These events not only celebrate physical prowess but also pay homage to Edo’s deep cultural roots.

Beyond the sporting competitions, attendees can anticipate a vibrant cultural experience. Daily outdoor dances, a music fiesta, a captivating spelling bee competition, the prestigious Miss Paraclete International Pageant, opportunities for free skills acquisition, a cultural carnival parade, and an engaging trade fair promise to make this event unforgettable.

This edition of the Edo Heritage Sports Festival is a collaboration between Heritage and Sports Colony International Limited, the Edo State Sports Commission, and the Edo Skills Development Agency, with strong support from corporate and government partners, promoting cultural unity and sports excellence in the region.

As November draws near, excitement and anticipation for this grand celebration of Edo’s rich heritage and athletic talent continue to mount. The Edo Heritage Sports Festival and Carnival stands as a resounding testament to the state’s unwavering commitment to nurturing its cultural identity and forging unity among its people through the powerful mediums of sports and culture.

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