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Drug Abuse Threatens Tomorrow’s Leaders

by InlandTown Editor
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Drugs are medicines people take for correction of an illness in the body. Although the word ‘drug’ doesn’t scream medicine anymore because drug abuse is now the order of the day.

A lot of Nigerian youths are involved with the abuse of drugs without a knowledge of what these drugs do to them. They give different excuses and reasons trying to explain sanity in the insane action of taking drugs for all the wrong reasons.

Some say Alcohol doesn’t give the certain type of ‘high’ that these drugs give. Others just love the slow and active feeling they get whenever they take these drugs. And some blame their drug abuse habit on emotional issues they faced in the past on the claims that the drugs came to their rescue and helped them sleep like babies.

Codeine, Tramadol, Weed, Skunk are the new cool in the world of our youths. Some of these are drugs that were originally cough medicines and pain killers until recently when they became a source of highness.

Sadly, for most people it all started as fun and games until it became an addiction. An addiction that the society has no ability to help them out of, yet they still take these drugs in excess.

I have met people who can’t start or end their day without a little dose of skunk along with a puff of weed. I have met people who could not read for exams or write the exams without some Trams and Codeine.

I know a lady who was addicted to codeine and Skunk for 15 years. She could not sleep without them and it all started with a heartbreak from a relationship. She claimed the drugs came to her rescue and helped her sleep and since then she never stopped.

I hear you asking, ‘why did she stop?’ well she had to because the drugs affected her reproductive system. It stopped her Ovulation and sent her body on an errand of forceful lactation. She had no water in her breast anymore and couldn’t get pregnant because her body was already functioning like a lactating mother breast feeding her child.

The Abuse of drugs has more cons than pros. A lot of things will go wrong in the body of a drug abuser like Kidney failure, liver damage, depression, cold and clammy skin, coma and even death. All these far exceed a “momentary highness”

A word is enough for the wise. Live Long, Live Healthy.

The Nigerian senate has also joined in on eradicating drug abuse, they have put bills forward that will help cub drug abuse in Nigeria.

Senator Matthew Urhoghide raised a motion that these frequently abused drugs should not be easily accessed over the local pharmacy counters.

While Senator Ben Murray Bruce said the Nigerian economy has to be fixed to enable the government to build standard rehabilitation centers and before the centers are built, the cause of drug buse in Nigeri has to be understood.


Image Credit: Guardian, Naij.com

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