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DPO’s & Superior Officers Will Be Held Responsible for Extortion – Muyiwa Adejobi

by Austin Areh
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Integrity is a key word in building a political legacy because people will finish the bags of rice, or whatever has come in during the campaign,  but if the politician can keep those words promised at the campaign ground, then it becomes a legacy. Any politician that can build a legacy has been able to achieve a larger than life status. But for some reason, the nature of political offices changes the attitude of these politicians when they get into office.

The truth is that we do not only need accountability from political office holders, but also other members who have been chosen to lead out a form of responsibility or the other. One section that’s always in the news is the Nigerian police , with current reforms going on to strengthen their structural abilities, as well as handle their levels of hospitality , there are new reports that the Police force  has announce that  it will going forward begin to exhume cases of police extortion by holding Divisional Police Officers and Commanders responsible for the actions of officers in their units across the federation.

This very valuable piece of information was given by the Acting Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, who made this announcement on the 15th of April , 2022 in Abuja. He further clarified that the move was part of measures being put in place by the force to protect Nigerians and eradicate cases of extortion and harassment of people by members of the Nigerian police force.

He postulated that   the Nigeria Police, with Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba at the helm will would work constantly in repositioning the police force and restore the trust of Nigerians as against the past communication bridges.

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