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Don’t Observe Sit-at-Home , Charles Soludo Instructs

by Nuel Emuebie
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Firstly, the politicians need to really calm their nerves and count their blessings, because in the midst of  hundreds of millions of people, they are opportuned to lead a great sect of people like Nigerians , with diverse talents and innovations coming out on a daily basis.

They must see leadership as an opportunity to become legends and build a solid legacy for themselves because time is ticking, and we know history never forgets, as every action or inaction counts. If politics is a game of numbers, then let the numbers do the work, not the youths of our beloved nation, who are used as foot soldiers or sacrificial lambs because of a politicians personal desire.

While the governance of Charles Soludo has kicked off on a positive note with awareness of waste management and accountability within the government parastatals of Anambra State , a new information released is that no body should Observe the sit at home order, something that was being practiced before he came to office recently .

He says that absence from work on Mondays without due approval will be followed with strict sanctions , and this applies to  public servants and everybody serving different roles in his administration.

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