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Diddy Hit with New Sexual Assault Allegation

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Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs is now facing another sexual assault accusation, with a former porn star, Adria English, coming forward to file a fresh complaint against him in New York. This recent allegation adds to a series of legal challenges that have surfaced against the prominent rap mogul in recent months.

Ms. English’s complaint accuses Mr. Combs of coercing her into sex work for him at various parties, threatening to destroy her career if she refused. The detailed 114-page filing outlines 33 accusations against Mr. Combs and his associates, covering incidents that allegedly took place between 2004 and 2009. Despite the mounting allegations, Mr. Combs has consistently denied all claims of sexual assault and physical abuse, including those made by Ms. English.

Mr. Combs, one of the most successful figures in the rap industry, is reportedly also under federal criminal investigation. However, according to NBC News, there is no indication that charges are imminent. The rapper’s legal troubles have intensified following accusations made by his ex-girlfriend, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, in November. Earlier this year, Mr. Combs apologized after a video surfaced showing him attacking Ms. Ventura in a hotel hallway in 2016.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Combs’ lawyer maintained his client’s innocence, asserting that no amount of lawsuits could change the fact that Mr. Combs has never engaged in sexual assault or sex trafficking. “Mr. Combs is confident that he will prevail against these and other unfounded claims in court,” the statement read.

The latest allegations by Ms. English are part of a troubling pattern of accusations against Mr. Combs, following Ms. Ventura’s lawsuit, which was settled in November for an undisclosed amount. Ms. Ventura had accused Mr. Combs of rape and sexual trafficking over a decade, although Mr. Combs’ legal team clarified that the settlement did not constitute an admission of guilt.

Since the settlement, several other women have come forward with allegations of sexual and physical abuse against Mr. Combs. Earlier this year, federal agents raided his properties in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an investigation into human trafficking. According to NBC News, Mr. Combs has been informed that he is a subject of an ongoing federal criminal investigation. Although details of the investigation have not been disclosed, neither federal authorities nor Mr. Combs’ legal team have provided specific comments on the matter.

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