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Crews Battle On as Glo Battle Of The Year Nigeria Finals Loom

by Austin Areh
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Fans of the wildly popular Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria reality tv show which has just aired its 9th episode must now be very familiar with Show host Do2Tun’s favorite line – “Let the battle begin!”

Those four words seem ready-made for the crew stage of the competition which has been delivering well-choreographed routines, seamless transitions, and power moves as BBoys and BGirls battle for a chance to prove dance supremacy and win mega millions.

A crew is a team and a team is, as they say, as strong as its weakest link and nowhere is this aphorism better proved than on the dance floor where one misstep or slight stumble can mark the end of the crews’ dreams.

Past Battle of the Year winners, Space Unlimited came into the semi-finals high on confidence. “We are not scared of any crew. We are ready. We own this show.”

Those who say talk is cheap may have a point but not when it comes to a supremely confident and uber-talented crew like Space Unlimited which made quick work of Concrete crew to book a regional final showdown against fan favorite and defending BOTY champions, 619 crew.

Footloops and Delta All-Stars will be locking horns in the regional finals in Benin but if things had gone differently it would have been Footloops versus the Icon World duo who had the crowd whooping and clapping as they displayed well-co-ordinated moves.

There was such a collective gasp of disappointment from the audience when Delta All-Stars were announced the winners prompting show judge JD Jedor had to explain. According to the judge and award-winning dancer “This is a BBoy competition. We were looking for footwork, freezes, and power moves.”

As the show hurtles towards its climax in the national finals scheduled for Episodes 12 and 13, the men are being separated from the boys.

In Abuja, Illy City Breakers will battle Street Cypher in the regional finals scheduled for Episode 10. In Kaduna, Funky Fellas will take on 3ple Dk while Elite will do battle against DQuest House in Port-Harcourt. The Enugu finals will be between Step crew and Outsiders.

As the national finals loom and winners inch close to the mega-millions remember you can still will your own millions just by sending in a dance video, tagging a Glo social media handle, and adding the hashtag #globattleoftheyear.

By Bolaji Remilekun

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