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Councillors Suspend LGA Chairman in Kano

by Austin Areh
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Our identity as Nigerians should come before our personal tags because if you keep passing the baton of blames to each other, we may never find solutions to issues concerning health, development, infrastructure and more. In truth, these conversations are better to be engaged in on social media platform and even forums without name calling or blame passing, we must remember that we are all Nigerians, and we need to build our conversations in diplomacy to accommodate more views and diverse ways of making more revenue while achieving growth.

It is important to always out aside all conflict and chaos, and remember that future generations will remember our actions, good or bad. While we are chasing accountability amongst government officials , it has been reported that Chairman of Bichi  LGA, Prof. Yusuf Muhammad Sabo has been suspended for the period of three months by the members of Kano Council Councilors. 

The Leader of the Council, Muhammad Tinki who threw more highlight on the issue and made the announcement on April 27th of April, 2022 told the media  that the suspended Chairman failed to discharge his constitutional duties in the local government over time .  Muhammad Tinki also noted that the jointly taken decision by the councillors was done aptly  after due deliberations in the meeting in gathered together recently to have.


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