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Cost Of Living is Rising Everywhere, Fashola Claims

by Austin Areh
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Our focus needs to entertain everyday conversations about how we are surviving as a nation and we need to put our political differences, religious affiliations and other ties behind to have a formidable movement as a country because in truth, nobody will do it for us. The elements of change are in our everyday environment but what we may almost forget is that the most effective element of this aspired change is in the personalities of the citizens, who need to start engaging themselves in more positive manners than before because we are our own problems and also our own solutions.

I find it shocking that till date, when it comes to elections or politics, the Nigerian system has not been able to advance from the stage of chaos and fights into a series of free and fair elections that will bring in new leaders and officers in political positions, till date , it is saddening that during elections, the tension rises to the point that you’ll have to pinch yourself to remember that there is actually no war going on, but just elections.

Why are the youths always remembered when its time for elections or protests? Youths need to start asking themselves why they are always used to set up militias and given a mandate to fight each other for another persons selfish interest. I don’t understand why they can’t ask why these politicians cannot use their children to carry out these “mission impossibles”.

While the Youths clamor for more involvement in governance other than just being used as political tools , the Minister of Works and Housing and stated that the rising cost of living is not only happening in Nigeria. Fashola has also insisted that the Nigerian government is responding aptly to the economic challenges currently being faced with in the Nigerian state. He also added that he watched on CNN , how Americans are now stealing fuel, stating that if it were a cheap commodity they will not have to result to stealing it , backing up his claims that the world is going through the post Covid 19 era and Nigeria is not alien to such situations.

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