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Child Found in Riders Bike , Mom Surfaces

by Austin Areh
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The general well being of each member of a family, is something of utmost priority as we understand the simple concept that life is priceless and as such, our attitudes to the salient aspects institutes the guidelines that facilitate an all round orientation of the human entity. 

As commercial aspects of the society , seems to be on the rise in every growing society , the urge to become an overnight success has become an aspect of society that is spreading into other areas , and this has caused an influx of negative vices in different communities of varying localities. With the momentum gained by the widespread of news , so many things are coming to light as the days go by. 

Some days ago, a courier operator, was found with a child in his parcel box, attached to this motor bike. This caused a pandemonium as many people were about to result to jungle justice , another attitude that has been growing in recent times . The operator was saved by some people and was taken to a police station with the child that was found with him. In view of further investigations carried it , it has been declared that the rider , is an uncle to the child , who was found with him. This claim was made with verifications from the mother , who went to the police station to make a statement , vindicating him of the crime of kidnap, that he was earlier accused of by the irritated crowd. 

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