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Celebration Of Priest’s And Priesthood

by chioma okereke
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There is nothing that warms the heart than a simple show of love, this was the case of  the

reverend father doing God’s work in faraway Switzerland who burst into tears when the choir rendered a song in Igbo language. If you knew one or two things about the term priesthood, you would probably understand the reason for the tears.

Becoming a Catholic priest is a serious decision, Much of the priestly life revolves around people, at an early age, the priest goes through series of development to proof himself worthy of becoming agents of mercy by bringing people to God and God to people. Sacrifices like staying unmarried, going to seminary school where you be taught philosophy, Latin, Greek, Gregorian chants, dogmatic and moral theology, exegesis, canon law, church history, after completing seminary,  a priest is called  to Holy Orders and would serve as a deacon for at least six months before being called further to become a priest.

Most priests are sent out of their countries and comfort zones to far away countries to serve and lead people to God, most African priest are sent to to far away places in Europe , America or Asia while the western priest are brought here to Nigeria to serve.

Being a Priest is not a 9:00am – 5:00pm job. Parishes are not businesses with office hours. A priest is always a priest and always present. The priest is preeminently a man of sacrifice who knows the importance of putting the needs of others before his needs, Priests accompany people in very dramatic moments of their lives: the birth of a child, a wedding engagement, or even death. There is a saying, “What a person goes through in a lifetime, a priest goes through in a day.” It’s important for a priest to maintain a healthy prayer life to sustain himself in the midst of these emotional events.

Priesthood is a life of service of sacrifice, so we celebrate every priest who decides to dedicate his life to the service of God.

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