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CarePay Expands Reach | Signs Up 300 Nigerian Health Care Providers

by Austin Areh
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…. Discount card’ gives users up to approximately 40% discount on healthcare bills.

Innovative health tech startup CarePay continues to expand its reach across Nigeria, reaching a milestone of up to 300 healthcare service providers in May 2022. Its flagship product; the CarePay healthcare discount card loyalty programme has negotiated discounts of up to 37.5% with over 300 pharmacies, clinics and hospitals across Nigeria.

Leading hospitals and pharmacies including MedPlus pharmacy, HealthPlus pharmacy, Synlab, Reddington Hospital group, Smile 360 dental, Exclusive Dental, Outreach Hospital group, Subol Hospital, Lily Hospital group and more are a part of the network and give usersaccess to discounts when they use the CarePay healthcare discount card loyalty programme at any of these facilities.

The healthcare discount card drives affordability for subscribers and increases revenues for healthcare providers enlisted in the preferred provider networkstated Managing Director at CarePay Nigeria, Yomi Sule. The Carepay discount card can also be managed as healthcare loyalty benefit programme for fintechs, telcos, banks, and other enterprises as a tool for customer retention and brand differentiation,” He added.

Carepay also explained that the discount card is a complement to health insurance and does not seek to substitute it. However, for many Nigerians undecided about health insurance, the healthcare discount card is a good first step to Universal Health Coverage as the platform builds a community of healthcare consumers with aggregated buying power without losing individual control and visibility of their healthcare budgets and spend.

Sign-ups are very affordable at N2,400 per individual and N4,800  for families for a year. Users can register on the CarePay healthcare marketplace via https://healthcare.carepay.com


About Carepay

Carepay is an aggregator of healthcare services for insured and uninsured individuals and households. With its head office in the Netherlands running operations in Nigeria and Kenya, CarePay exists to ensure that everyone, everywhere can afford quality healthcare whenever its needed.

CarePay also helps navigate the health systems maze and offers subscribers public health advisory guidance after signing up at no added cost. Applicable to all healthcare services and products offered by the healthcare providers, there is no minimum spend required to activate the discounts.

Website: https://healthcare.carepay.com

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