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CAN Reacts, Pastor Asking For Money From Members For Heaven’s Trip

by Austin Areh
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While many people believe that the role of religious bodies is to enlighten the minds of people and also give them a point of solace in helping them gain an all inclusive balance in their daily activities. Communication is important, when valuable information is passed , mainly to send in positive energy and a sense of hope to such followers .

However , while many debates in the past has risen about the church and its aspects of financial needs , a pastor has made the spotlight as he asked his members to pay a certain amount of money to access Heaven . Following such, CAN, which is The Christian Association of Nigeria in Kaduna State has taken measures to disconnect itself from the said pastor who is Ade Abrahaman, who went to declare that members should pay the sum of 310,000 Naira to get to Heaven .

Reverend John Hayab , Kaduna state CAN Chairman, in a statement released on May 3rd , 2022 clarified on the following , The statement read;


“The attention of the CAN Kaduna State Chapter has been drawn to the news in circulation in some sections of the media about one Pastor described as Ade Abraham, offering to take his members to heaven if they pay a fee of N310,000.

“Even though Pastor Ade’s offer of a ticket to heaven is cheaper than the ransom Kaduna bandits ask their victims, sadly, CAN has not found anyone who knows the location of the said church or established a church in Kaduna town with that name or in any local government areas in the state.

“A faceless character like Ade Abraham can easily give the faith of the community a bad name, especially that CAN cannot trace his whereabouts or find any useful information about his being in Kaduna state.

“Is it possible that Ade Abraham before becoming spiritual had lived in Kaduna or did he come to Kaduna for a visit? How can we have such a pastor and nobody knows him only for us to read about his drama in the media whereas the journalists in Kaduna do not have this information?

“CAN Kaduna State appeals to whosoever knows pastor Ade Abraham or the location of a church in Kaduna linked to the alleged person to furnish our association with the information so that we could work with security agencies to prevent what could further compound the security challenges faced in the state.

“CAN will not decide what sermon her priests should preach but CAN will not hesitate to expose fake preachers when she finds one, especially when the sermon contradicts the teachings contained in the Holy Scriptures.

“CAN, therefore, calls for a proper investigation of Pastor Ade Abraham’s identity, and the location of his ministry to put the record straight to avoid creating panic and misleading the public.

“If Pastor Ade Abraham’s camp is in Ekiti and the sacred place where God is coming to rapture those who have paid their rapture fees, why is Kaduna in the story or does he have another strip that the rapture will happen in Kaduna?

“CAN wish to advise the Christian faith not to rush into accepting every kind of teaching without first studying the Scriptures to understand if what the preacher says is true like the Berean believers who studied the Scriptures, day and night, to confirm what the Apostle Paul was saying was true.

“May God deliver us from unholy preachers in Jesus’ name.”

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