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Can Fayemi Revive Metallurgical Training Institute Onitsha?

by InlandTown Editor
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I overheard some people saying kayode Fayemi has been relegated ? I think we need to think deeply about the relevance of the ministry given to him, Its not a matter of being juicy or not, the truth is nothing serious has been happening in the solid minerals ministry. Ministers have been coming in and going out without any reasonable and visible impact. As a graduate of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from FUTA, I’ve monitored the ministry since the days of Deziani Maduekwe and nothing serious has been acheived so far. If we really think deeply about the ministry given to fayemi, we will understand that the ministry needs to be revived and resuscitated, since the president want to diversify the economy. We went on a field trip to NIOMCO and Ajaokuta when I was in 300 level, I could not hold my tears because it has turned to a graveyard of economic policy. Imagine the blast furnace has never functioned since it was constructed ? There is a railway linking NIOMCO in itakpe to Ajaokuta. The purpose of the railway is to transfer iron ore from NIOMCO in itakpe to ajaokuta. There are so many pipelines that supplies gas from warri to power their machines, but none of the above has been effective. Fayemi is seriously in for a real brain work, This is his chance to shoot himself to limelight. Make Ajaokuta work, stop importation of chinese billets (semi-finished steel products), revive delta steel company, call the indians in ikirun rolling mills to order, employ graduates. My professor always say any nation that has the control of iron and steel controls the world. Buhari is interested in his brain and not his CV. I wish him success.

Here are the Agencies and Departments under him.

1. Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited
2. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers
and Geoscience
3. Metallurgical Training Institute, Onitsha
4. National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO)
5. National Metallurgical Development
Centre, Jos
6. National Steel Raw Materials
Exploration Agency
7. Nigerian Geological Survey Agency
8. Nigerian Institute of Mining and
9. Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office
10. The Nigeria Extractive Industry
Transparency Initiative (NEITI)
11.Nigerian Coal Corporation

1. Aluminum
2. Artisanal & Small Scale Mining
3. Directorate, Office Of The Permanent
4. Finance And Administration
5. Legal Unit
6. Metallurgical And Raw Material
7. Mines Environmental Compliance
8. Mines Inspectorate
9. Mining Cadastre
10. Servicom Unit
11. Steel.

Sir Toby



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