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BVN:Bank Customers In Anambra State Face Difficulty Making Transactions

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MANY bank customers in Anambra State are facing difficulty in carrying out transactions in their accounts following what some bank workers described as discrepancies in the information available to them from the BVN numbers supplied by the customers.

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In one of the commercial banks along the Enugu –Onitsha expressway in Awka yesterday, there was a near uproar as some of the customers accused the bank staff of deliberately faulting their BVN so as not to make it possible for them to withdraw money from their accounts.

Essentially, some of the problems identified by    a particular bank include discrepancy in the date of birth contained in the BVN made in another bank with the date of birth supplied by the customer in their bank, as well as the inability of some customers to give accurate date they were issued with BVN.

In this particular bank,, there were over 30 persons waiting to see the officer in charge to sort out the problem for them, even as one of the customers said the problem was delaying her transfer to a bank in Lagos after her customer had prepared a waybill for the goods she was expecting.

She said: “It appears this bank wants to use this BVN issue to seize our money. I did the BVN in another bank over one year ago and they are telling me here that there is a problem with my BVN.

“The delay in transferring my money is delaying my waybill and they are telling me to go and swear an affidavit for that.

Unfortunately, the courts in Anambra State are not open as the judiciary workers have been on strike for the past three months and I don’t know what to do now.”

Another customer complained that his problem was her place of birth which he changed after her parents told him that he was born in Enugu and not Aba which he used to open an account in another bank.

According to him, the bank also told him to go and swear an affidavit before he could be attended to, adding that with the ongoing strike in the state, he cannot withdraw from his account.

Officials of the bank declined comment on the matter, insisting that deliberately stop anybody from operating his or her account, provided the person supplies correct information.



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