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Breaking News : Relatives Storm Rigasa Train Station in Kaduna , Over Terrorists Attack

by Austin Areh
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It is glaring that with time , certain individuals have been able to understudy the salient characteristics of a particular system, and are able to come up with patterns and mannerisms that fine tune such systems into their favour. For every political process to be categorized as democratic, periodic elections have to take place to administer or usher in new a new set of leaders who are charged to continue in line of democracy and development.

The values that these individuals who have expanded their personalities from regular to pivotal figures, bring to the political scene in areas they control, largely determines the candidates who the people finally choose to lead them after every electoral process.


The type of leadership totally determines the direction the nation will be headed , as it is important to always give personalities who have the love for citizens as well as passion to lead and handle the sensitive parts of government. While we are key on checking the rising issues of insecurity across Nigeria, an update has come in about the train that was attacked by terrorists as relatives got to the station as early as 1am. The Rigasa train station has been in the news , since it was reported that a train was attacked by terrorists.

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