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Breaking News : NIMASA/Barugu Gun Boat Sinks In Lagos Waters

by Austin Areh
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While one clamors for development and growth , it is also important to remember the role of sustainability, in the course of things. I mean, overtime , there should be a maintenance culture that is imbibed into the routine of items and utilities that benefit a general public. In all honesty, different Nigerian leaders have tried in a way or the other to build things and also purchase highly effective machinery, but the main issue is maintaining such facilities , we generally need to change our attitudes towards how we administer guidelines in making such investments to stay useful Over time , because that’s the only way to maximize such utilities.

I’ve discovered that when the Nigerian system is intentional about taking care of something , they do it fully , and don’t hold back in showing that all investments that have gone in , are indeed profitable and durable. For instance , the National Theater, which is located in Iganmu , Lagos, firstly , the Structure is still a marvel after so many years, in my opinion, it is a futuristic masterpiece, that still causes a stare and marvel anytime it’s seen. There are still activities that are going on in the building , and that building has been there for ages creating avenue.

While there is need for more intense steps taken to check the rise of insecurity in Nigeria, it has been reported that a Gunboat on the fleet of Global West Vessels sank in Lagos Waters , on April 3rd, 2022. The boat was said to have been docked at the Kirikiri Terminal which is located around the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency Resource Centre .

From the video, the person can be heard shouting about how they had informed NIMASA about this situation for months and didn’t get a response until they finally lost the boat.

However , the Assistant Director, Public Relations of NIMASA, Osagie Edward has responded by saying they didn’t ignore the calls to save the situation, but because the boat was under the custody of the EFCC and subject to Litigation currently.

Watch the video below:


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