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Breaking News : Nigerian Policemen Reject Half A Million Naira Bribe

by Austin Areh
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From the natural resources in bitumen, gold, crude oil, to the human capacity Nigeria controls, it is absurd that sometimes we exhibit more features of being static than progressive and that is still our problem as a nation. If we decide to become proactive and start harvesting the talents we have in Nigeria, we may be able to develop another avenue for revenue in the long run, maybe our simple problem is that we always want to look outward when it comes to getting ideas that can help us grow as a nation.

When I think about all of this, I realize that many factors have led us to this phase we currently find ourselves and it has happened gradually through stages. While we understand that the pivot for growth across sections of the society depends on the level of integrity exhibited by law enforcement agencies across Nigeria, it has been reported that the Nigerian Policemen rejected 500, 000 Naira bribe from some men who were caught with illicit drugs.

It was reported that a commercial bus was stopped by men of the Rapid Response Squad , the bus with registration number AGL 205 YD is said to belong to an Alhaji, who is popularly known as General, and is based in the Mushin Axis of Lagos. The value of the drugs is said to be around Ten Million Naira, and in other to stop the police from carrying out their jobs , one Oluwole Omojuyitan ; who had fled the scene on a motor bike but returned with 500,000 Naira to bribe the police men, the policemen rejected the bribe and further more, took the suspect in for more investigation.

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