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Breaking News : Group Buys Peter Obi’s Nomination Form

by Austin Areh
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For such channels of information being abused by these men, the large mass of the youths have been brainwashed in the strongest detergent which is sentiment. The understanding of the mindset of a typical Nigerian shows that we have a soft landing in terms of acceptance levels, as much as people want a particular opinion to spread, all they have to do, is coat it under tribal differences, religion, political affiliations and more and all Of this differences are normal in every society.

The collective responsibly of every individual is to promote peace and build more synergy between different bodies and not promote discord. While many have used political affiliations to cause discord in the past , Mr Peter Obi, when attending Atiku Abubakar’s announce to run , told everybody that He did that to show that Politics is only about numbers , and it doesn’t affect his relationship with the person of Atiku Abubakar , such attitudes say a lot about a persons character, and how they view life. We must understand that for Nigeria to grow, there is need to work together to enhance growth , people need to come together and discuss on ideas that will propel the segments of the economy, and change the old ways of doing things, which includes politics which affects a sensitive area.

It has been furthermore reported that after Peter Obi informed the public about his intentions to run, a group has taken the ambition further by heading to the PDP office and buying his form. The P.O Bandwagon is said to be a diiverse National Group have purchased who have taken the mantle on themselves by purchasing a Nomination form for Peter Obi’s presidential bid on the 31st of March 2022, at the PDP National Headquarters Abuja.

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